Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Laughter...the best medicine


Yesterday was quite the adventure. I have never laughed as much as I did yesterday. It all began on a beautiful Monday morning…..

…..My very very great friend and I had to take a trip to a nearby city to get more cookies from the Girl Scout cookie warehouse. Getting there was quite easy (thanks in part to the good ole GPS) but getting back was another story! We began our journey home the same way we came but somewhere we took a wrong turn. One wrong turn took us over an hour out of our way going around in circles in this crazy city. Most people would have been upset or angry or frustrated. But not Thelma and Louise. We laughed so hard we cried and we were both texting the same thing and having the best time. Both of our lives have been crazy busy and stressful lately. This adventure definately sent me a message that we all just need to sit back and laugh with the ones we love.

Thank you to my very bestest friend. You make my day a lot better everyday, especially yesterday. Laughter and friendship truly is the best medicine!

 Me & Cara

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  1. Our adventure's always rock don't they??? Nice new design by the way... :) Its almost time for me to change mine too. Maybe I'll go do that now. :)