Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a weekend…

Well, I would describe it in one word. Crazy. It was supposed to be a super fun weekend with my family but it was one issue after another. First, my little man had severe bronchitis and mild pneumonia. After chest x-rays, blood work and 4 shots of antibiotics into his thighs, I think we are now turning a corner. He can breathe without issues and is a lot more active.

Saturday was our Little League Baseball opening day. My son is in mini T-Ball since he is only 4 1/2. He likes it tho, and does pretty well with it. We got to the complex around 9:45 am and got his cute little uniform. He plays for Team Verizon and his shirt and socks and hat are red. He did well until it was time to line up for his team picture and his individual picture. That was a no go in his eyes. He was having no part in it. I understand he was still ill but he loves the camera. I was so disappointed that we could not get his pictures. So home we went because we did not want him playing until he was 100% better.

Today was good but busy. My wonderful hubby let me sleep in until 930 this morning. However, I did wake up with a sore throat and a temperature of 102. Nevertheless, the day must go on. So I got Julianna dressed and off to our Girl Scout cookie booth. After we helped Monica set up, I ran her down to get her hair chopped. I was so tired of a fight every morning when I tried to brush her hair. Our cookie booth was very successful. We sold 196 boxes in 4 1/2 hours. Troop 55 rocks!

So after this weekend, I am hoping for an uneventful and restful week. I hope your week is grand!

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