Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gym Weeks 1 and 2

Ok….Nothing ever goes exactly as expected. We started with week 1 and went all 3 days and did really well. I started out only doing a mile on the treadmill but gradually worked up to about 2 miles. I have a heart condition so I have to be really careful. I love the weight machines, they do a lot for my shape :)

Week 2 has not been so good. The weather here in Florida has been up and down, 70s one minute and 30s the next. So that means my whole family has been ill. My little boy has been the sickest and he is not getting better so it will be off to the doctor today. Girl Scouts has been really busy with it being cookie time and such. OK…enough excuses. Next week it is back to the old grind stone and I need to weigh in to see if I have made any progress at all.

I hope all of you are making headway in your healthy futures. Next week will be a more detailed post with hopefully good news.

Happy Health!

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