Saturday, May 29, 2010

It is the summer…time for head lice prevention



When I attended the 2010 SmartMoms Solutions Roadshow in Tampa I was dealing with the nasty nasty head lice issue with my 6 year old. She kept getting it from school and I could not get the school to do anything so she would not get it back.

Maria Bailey and ZippityDoos were the answer that I was looking for. Maria told us about this new head lice prevention line of childrens hair products. From Shampoo and conditioner to de-tangler and shield spray. I love knowing that there is a product out there that will prevent that nasty head lice bug from invading my daughters hair.

It is such a great product. It has tea tree oil and citronella in it. The smell is pretty strong for my daughter but she loves using it. If you need to prevent lice you need to try ZippityDoos….it is so worth it!!! Visit and I promise you will not be sorry!

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  1. Where did that head lice came from? Is there any way to stop them? coz it’s kind of annoying when they are living on you, your scalp will be itchy and sometimes you can’t concentrate on your works. The most things are when I was in a meeting and in front of my co investors I scratch my head and I can’t stop it coz it’s so itchy is there any quick head lice treatment that can help me with it.