Friday, December 31, 2010

Lets bring in 2011….


YAY!! It is almost here. 10 more minutes to be exact before we start writing “2011”. As we send 2010 off, with a kick in the pants, I would like to share with you my resolutions/goals for 2011 with you.

  1. Lose 50 pounds. Yes, that is the stereotypical resolution but it is a must for me. I am down about 6 pounds now, but my heart needs a break. I think that will be the other piece for me to start feeling even better.
  2. Become an even more dedicated blogger. Unfortunately, after my best friend moved, I lost my blogging passion for awhile. However, I am out of my mourning period and I am ready to be back full time. Bring it blogging world. Show me what you have!
  3. Become a better wife. It is time for me to re-dedicate myself to the man that means the most to me in my life. I really have neglected him and I will no longer make him feel unloved. The truth is, I love my husband with every fiber of my being. Time to show it.
  4. Take my Girl Scout troop to a higher level. Re~focusing and concentrating on these girl’s best interest. Helping them find themselves and guide them in to being better young ladies. I LOVE MY TROOP! Troop 55 rocks!
  5. Form better friendships. I have a few friends that I really want to get to know better and form those lasting bonds with. I really need that in my life right now.

Have you given some thought in to what you would like to improve on in 2011? Lets do this together. I will let you know my progress on my resolutions. Together we can do it. Lets make 2011 the best year yet!

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  1. Good goals! I hope you know that the miles between us, will not affect our relationship. We miss you terribly but want nothing but the best for you. We will always support you and be here for you! Your family now... Stuck with us forever!