Monday, June 28, 2010

Music Camp!!


This year, the kids were able to participate in Music Arts Camp that was put on by a local church. It was a 3 hour week long venture. And not only did the kids LOVE it, so did the mommies. We had 15 hours that week of kidless silence. That is so precious, especially in the summer. We also had the opportunity to share our experience with one of my daughter’s friends from school. It is definitely something we will make a summer ritual.

Julianna had Dance, Piano, Bells and Puppetry. She said her favorite was dance. She learned a lot from all of them though.


Matthew was in the pre-K class. They did a little bit of everything and had snack and made a daily craft. Hands down, his stories were all about the drums! On parent day, I was able to go to drums with him and he was in his element. He looked so happy and thought he was a pro. I loved seeing him so happy!

 100_3632100_3633Friday, was parent day. They started us out in the sanctuary. They sang very motivating and inspirational songs that the kids were learning all week. I loved seeing the kids get in to the music and know the words so well. I just want to thank Ms. Carrie and FPC Haines City for such a great program! See you next year =)


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