Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lets dive in to summer reading…

Reading is one of those things that I love to do. Luckily, my kids love it too. We are participating in our local library’s reading program as well as her school’s.

Here is a FEW of the books that we will be diving in to!!

  1. The Pony Crazed Princess series by Diana Kimpton
  2. Twenty six Princesses by Dave Horowitz
  3. What a Trip! by Arthur Yorinks
  4. Sort it out by Barbara Mariconda
  5. Cottonball Colin by Jeanne Willis
  6. Bats at the Library by Brian Lies
  7. The Donut Chef by Bob Staake
  8. Dr. Meow’s Big Emergency by Sam Lloyd
  9. Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody by Michael Rex
  10. Katie Loves the Kittens by John Himmelman
  11. No Hugs til Saturday by Julie Downing
  12. Princess Baby by Karen Katz
  13. Sally and the Purple Socks by Lisze Bechtold
  14. Twelve Terrible Things by Marty Kelley
  15. What does Mrs. Claus Do? by Kae Wharton

What are you and your kids reading this summer? Remember parents~~ COMPREHENSION is key! If your child can not remember what you read, they are not getting much out of reading! Happy Reading!

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